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Setting Up a Step in the Indonesian Film Industry, IDN Pictures Launches Its New Office

Amelia Rosary

21 Dec 20 | 09:00

Heading 2

IDN Media Jogja 1_edited.jpg

After announcing its initial project, Balada Si Roy, in early November, IDN Pictures aims to strengthen its journey in the Indonesian film industry by inaugurating its new office located on Jl. Tumaritis, Southern Jakarta. With Nusantara as its main theme, the walls in the lobby which are beautifully ornamented with  Batik pattern welcome anyone visiting. There is also a mural visualizing the Indonesian archipelago that depicts inclusion, a value that IDN Media always holds onto.

The philosophical inscription "Theater of Dreams", too, embellishes the face of the building. The new office is expected to be a basecamp for Timmys (how IDN Media employees are called) to go on working and actualizing their dreams, whatever those are.

Winston Utomo, CEO of IDN Media - “We believe that film is a very powerful medium to inspire. It can even result in positive impacts on a wider community, especially Millennials and Gen Z. Therefore, IDN Media, through IDN Pictures, is very excited about contributing to upgrading the quality of the Indonesian film industry. It’s a home for Timmys and Indonesian filmmakers to dream highly, do their best, and produce films that inspire and bring on positive impacts.”

Fajar Nugros, Head of IDN Pictures - “IDN Pictures was born amid the hardship caused by the complicated situation due to the pandemic. Therefore, we hope that this office can be a good start for IDN Pictures' journey to produce works that are positively impactful for Millennials and Gen Z in the country."

Susanti Dewi, Head of IDN Pictures - “This modest celebration is a landmark signifying our commitment to continue working on quality films. With Balada Si Roy the movie as our inaugural project, we want this film to be favorably welcomed. Because the novel has let us learn about how young people must be able to survive by working hard, having goals, and not giving up easily, we know that taking it into the big screen is really something we’ve got to do.”

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