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IDN Foundation Has Officially Built A Reading Corner in Tangerang

Amelia Rosary

5 Feb 21 | 16:00

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On behalf of IDN Media, IDN Foundation has just established a reading corner as a means of education for children who have limited access to it.  As an alternative to learning during the time of hardship due to the pandemic, every activity at Saung Baca IDN Foundation will be surely carried out while applying very strict health protocols. Built-up in Tangerang, Banten, the construction process of this Saung Baca IDN Foundation has as well involved Indorelawan as IDN Foundation’s collaborative partner.

Located next to PAUD (pre-primary school) Nurul Huda which has been established since last 2013, Saung Baca IDN Foundation will be managed by 3 teachers from the pre-primary school. A total of 45 PAUD Nurul Huda students will also attend the activities that Saung Baca IDN Foundation is going to hold. With the educational books that have been provided, IDN Foundation intends to support the students in learning, while continuing to improve their reading interest.

Saung Baca IDN Foundation becomes one of the actualizations of IDN Media's commitment to carrying out its vision, namely "to democratize information" and to give #PositiveImpact to society by bringing books as a printed medium back to life. With that being said, the students of Saung Baca IDN Foundation will surely gain new insights, have a stronger willingness to learn, and get easier access to better information.

Zefanya Deby, Head of Communications IDN Media: “We are very grateful for the actualization of IDN Media’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity that takes form in a reading corner called Saung Baca IDN Foundation. The books collected currently have reached more than 2800 books. We hope, this program will be favorably welcomed by society and the people in the area, as well as help IDN Media to democratize information. One step at a time, for a better Indonesia.”

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