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Celebrating Its 4th Anniversary, IDN Times Community Is Committed To Honing The Capability of Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia

Amelia Rosary

8 Feb 21 | 15:00

Heading 2

IDN Media Jogja 1_edited.jpg

Firstly initiated on February 8, 2017, IDN Times Community is now celebrating its 4th anniversary. As a newcomer in the media industry, IDN Times, at that time, was prompted to create a platform that could serve as a medium of interactive and effective communication between IDN Times and its audience, namely the Millennials and Gen Z in the archipelago.

As a pioneer of a user-generated community, IDN Times provides a smart dashboard that can be easily accessed via IDN App and website. The dashboard also becomes a place for IDN Times Community editors to give suggestions and detailed input to each author. Thus, the writers of IDN Times Community will be able to learn, as well as to have some additional income. Once the members have accumulated enough reward points, they can redeem the points for cash. Currently, IDN Times Community has already had more than tens of thousands of members throughout Indonesia.

Aligned with IDN Media's vision to democratize information, IDN Times Community wants to keep on accommodating, inspiring the Millennial and Gen Z in Indonesia through text-based content, and publishing their selected works on IDN Times. On its 4th anniversary, IDN Times Community is also committed to innovating so that the articles created by the community members all around Indonesia can be better accommodated and organized, for local content that is not centralized in the capital can as well create a democratic ecosystem in IDN Times whenever it comes to producing news.

Winston Utomo, CEO of IDN Media - “Information gap. It’s the one problem we want to solve at IDN Media. Recognizing the huge differences in terms of access to information, we decided to create a platform where everyone could write, work, and contribute. We believe that this platform can be a step that helps Indonesia's young generation to have access to relevant and accurate information, no matter wherever they are, from Aceh to Papua. On this opportunity, I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to all members of IDN Times Community for their trust, contribution, and support.”

Uni Lubis, Editor-in-Chief of IDN Times - “As Anne Frank said, by writing you can bring out your expression, get rid of your sadness, and raise the courage within you. COVID-19 has further strengthened IDN Times Community’s intention to become a platform that empowers Indonesians through writing. #StayatHome and keep being creative. Thank you, you are part of us. For IDN Times Community’s editors, kudos! Happy 4th anniversary!”

Ernia Karnia, IDN Times Community Manager - “We are grateful for the great enthusiasm that the members of the community have given, especially in producing great articles for IDN Times. In the 4th anniversary of IDN Times Community, we hope that we can be a means for readers who also write at IDN Times to continue learning and hone their skills. With the coming of community members all around Indonesia, we also want IDN Times to fully democratize information, from Sabang to Merauke."

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