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Indonesia Writers Festival by IDN Times is Back this September 2019

Amelia Rosary

2 Aug 19 | 16:50

Heading 2

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IDN Times will held the second Indonesia Writers Festival in 6-7 September 2019. Indonesia Writers Festival is a creative writing festival that will involve writers from diverse writing-discipline. This year, we are aiming to reach bigger audience but with the same purpose, to ‘Empower Indonesians Through Writing’. Universitas Multimedia Nusantara in Serpong will have the honor to host this event.

What makes Indonesia Writers Festival unique is its multi-stakeholders approach. We believe that collaboration is important to produce thought-provoking discussion and newborn ideas about literacy in Indonesia. Therefore, we invite journalist, script-writer, song-writer, novelist, copywriter, strategist, social media specialist, author, and citizen-journalist to share their knowledge and experience to our audience.

On Indonesia Writers Festival 2019, you can expect to gain new knowledge while also having fun. There will be film screenings and music performance to entertain our audience. But the most important part is the talk show and workshop from our notable speakers and experts. We are proud to announce our line up consisting of 24 speakers:

  • Andi Tarigan, Managing Director Nonfiction Department Gramedia Pustaka Utama

  • Andrea Gunawan, Influencer

  • Angkie Yudistia, Founder & CEO Thisable Enterprise

  • Aqessa Aninda, Author Secangkir Kopi dan Pencakar Langit

  • Aulia Halimatussadiah, Co-Founder & CMO of

  • Ayu Utami, Indonesian Novelist

  • Brilliant Yotenega, Co-Founder &

  • Doadibadai Hollo, Producer, Songwriter, & Hitsmaker

  • Donny Andrian, Senior Social Media Manager IDN Event

  • Ernia Karina, Community Manager IDN Times

  • Henry Manampiring, Author Filosofi Teras

  • Indah Darmastuti, Founder Difalitera

  • Ivan Lanin, Wikipediawan & Pakar Bahasa

  • Jenny Jusuf, Writer & Scenario Consultant

  • Marchella FP, Author Generasi 90an, NKCTHI

  • Najwa Shihab, Journalist & Founder Narasi TV

  • Reza Rahadian, Actor

  • Rosianna Silalahi, News Director Kompas TV

  • Sheila Timothy, Film Producer

  • Sylvia Sudrajat, Head of IDN Creative

  • Trinity, Travel Writer & Blogger

  • Uni Lubis, Editor-in-Chief IDN Times

  • Uwaraa Montgomery, Wattpad Indonesian Associate

  • Windy Ariestanty, Traveler & Pegiat Literasi Indonesia

Informations about Indonesia Writers Festival can be found on its official Instagram account

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