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IDN Media Launched IDN Times Community, A Writing Platform which Gives Monetary Rewards

Amelia Rosary

18 May 17 | 14:44

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Turning passion into profession has been everyone’s dream. However, this does not always apply for writers, where there is only a limited amount of employment opportunities, especially in smaller cities in Indonesia. With IDN Times Community, Millennials who love writing can now turn their passion into a full-time employment. Not only that their articles will be read by millions of readers, but they also have the opportunity to make millions of Rupiah from their writings.

Winston Utomo, Founder and CEO of IDN Media, said, “We are very excited with the launch of IDN Times Community. Writing has been merely a hobby for millions of Millennials in Indonesia. With this breakthrough platform, they finally have the opportunity to make their hobby become a real profession.”

Willson Cuaca, Managing Partner at East Ventures, said, “IDN Times Community is not just another user-generated writing platform. It contributes to the nation’s economy by opening job opportunities all across Indonesia, especially in rural areas where there are not many openings in creative industry. This will be the next biggest thing in the media industry.”

With the integration of gamification elements, a user-friendly interface, and massive followers, IDN Times Community aims to empower more than 1 million writers by the end of 2017.

IDN Times Community is now available on IDN Times web (

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