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Becoming Visionary Millennial Parents while Reveling in Togetherness at Popmama Parenting Academy 2019

Amelia Rosary

12 Oct 19 | 14:00

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Saturday, 12 October 2019, Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 got more number of visitors. Jazzed up by various educational and entertaining programs, Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 began with the dance performances of Tunas Indonesia and Tree House Kindergarten, as well as Indonesia Playschool that later was continued with a kid fashion-show competition. 

On the second day, Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 had some other attractive talk-shows. dr. Juliana, Sp.A. and the founder of Spalosophy, Striwicessa Maringka Suhali were the speakers of the first topic: “Kewajiban ASI untuk Tumbuh Kembang dan Kesehatan Bayi”. As generally understood, breast milk is the most complete source of nutrients, so it can increase our children's immune system as well as optimize their intelligence. However, there are many Mamas who don't understand yet about the correct breastfeeding techniques. There are even some Mamas who are reluctant to breastfeed their kids because of their own anxiety. 

dr. Juliana, Sp.A, Pediatric - “Other than consuming veggies that can boost the amount of our breast milk, having an oxytocin massage with the help of our husband will stimulate our mammary glands to contract so that it can eventually produce more milk.  No matter what the challenges are, Mamas must be confident to go on breastfeeding because our kids deserve the best. The position of the baby when breastfeeding has to be correct too. The baby's head should be straight, not turned, and the body should also face our body, the chin should be on your breast." 

After the performance of Kafin Sulthan, the talk-show was continued by the second topic, “Gaya Hidup Sehat, Jaminan Masa Depan Anak”. Kafin Sulthan with her Mama, Saskhya Aulia Prima, M.Psi., Adya Kirana as an influencer were the speakers of this topic. Beby Erwina, Kafin's Mama stated, “We can start a healthy lifestyle for kids by doing small steps  like cleaning themselves after going out or before going to bed." From that point, they'll learn how to be responsible for their own lives. Other than that, they're trained to handle larger matters, such as pursuing what becomes their hobby. 

Saskhya Aulia Prima, M.Psi., Tiga Generasi Psychologist - “To know our children's talents, we need to pay attention to what they tend to like. After sensing it, help our children develop their passion. For example, Kafin has liked to draw since he was a kid. By visiting some towns with old buildings with his Mama, Beby has eventually directed Kafin to the major he's taking, namely interior design."

Before the prenatal yoga, the next talk-show was about “Menyusun Perencanaan Keluarga dengan Matang”. With the help of Thomas Chayadi, Sp. Og., Andina Narang as a politician and entrepreneur, and Paula Kristela as the Financial Consultant of WanaArtha Life, we shared insights and experiences about the things we needed to plan in order to have a family, especially in terms of health, education, and financial condition. Apparently, Paula mentioned, "Education has turned out to occupy the first rank in the family's expense."

Thomas Chayadi, Sp. Og., Obstetrics and Gynecology - “Ideally, the minimum difference between one child and the next one is 2 years. Not only adequate nutrition and the child's potential, financial condition is actually the most fundamental thing that must be considered as well. With the economic capacity, after all, other things such as education and health will adjust later on. For that reason, having insurance is something we can do to anticipate unexpected needs."

On 11-13 October, Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 will still open classes, such as Oxytocin Massage, Couple Hypnobirthing, Potty Training, Massage for Baby, Junior Builder, Technic Builder, Bracelet Beads, and Neonatal Class. These classes are aimed for millennial parents who want to know the correct parental knowledge with the guidance of the experts.

We will still be at The Forum Atrium, Summarecon Mall Serpong on 13 October 2019 to share more knowledge and interesting entertainment for millennial families. Since Sunday, 13 October 2109 is our last day, it'll be a loss not to come to the spot or register yourself via

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