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IDN Media Has Officially Moved to the New Office: IDN Media HQ

Amelia Rosary

27 Oct 19 | 22:49

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IDN Media Jogja 1_edited.jpg

This October, we are happy to announce that IDN Media has officially moved to a new office building called IDN Media HQ. The new office is located in Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto, Kavling 27, Kuningan, Jakarta 12950. It will be the home for IDN Times,,, Yummy,, IDN Creative, IDN Event, and IDN Creator Network.

The opening of IDN Media HQ marks an essential journey for this company. Founded in 2014 by the two brothers, Winston Utomo and William Utomo, IDN Media formerly started in Winston’s small apartment room. At the current time, five years after the very first beginning, the company keeps on growing. It now has almost 400 employees—we call them Timmy—with representative offices in 10 provinces across Indonesia, including our main office, IDN Media Creative Lab Surabaya and the recent one, IDN Media HQ Jakarta.

Built with ‘Indonesia’ theme, the office also portrays IDN Media’s visions for Indonesia: to democratize access to information and positively impact society. At the very first sight, visitors will be welcomed by Batik patterns inspired by Batik Sawunggaling, a Batik created by Go Tik Swan, a man from Solo, which symbolizes bravery and unity. We also have Batik Nusantara—a combination of Batik from different regions in Indonesia. It includes Megamendung that portrays protection and nurture. Kokokai which represents hard work and resilience, and Jonasan that shows independence and humility.

Apart from our new IDN Media HQ in Jakarta, our IDN Media Creative Lab Surabaya still operates normally and very open for any of our readers, community, partners, and clients who want to visit this IDN Media’s first office.

Winston Utomo, Co-Founder & CEO of IDN Media - “Timmys are like a piano that we've set up in the lobby. It takes not only one, but it takes the whole keys to make the most beautiful symphony. Each of you matters.”

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