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Asian Digital Media Awards 2019: IDN Times as the Best Digital Project to Engage Millennial Audiences

Amelia Rosary

5 Nov 19 | 10:54

Heading 2

IDN Media Jogja 1_edited.jpg

It’s such an honor for IDN Times to receive an award as the Best Digital Project to Engage Younger and/or Millennial Audiences last Wednesday, October 30, 2019. #MillennialsMemilih has finally got an appreciation from the World of Association of Newspaper and News Publisher (WAN-IFRA) in Hongkong for positively impacting the society during the period of Indonesia election 2019.

To really reach the goal, IDN Times has taken the Indonesia election 2019 seriously, then launched the innovative feature #MillennialsMemilih since October 2018. Uni Lubis has stated, “#MillennialsMemilih is a successful collaboration between the editorial team of IDN Times and other teams of various departments in IDN Media, such as engineering, videography, and advertisement. Without this collaboration, #MillennialsMemilih will never be implemented and just merely be a prototype. We want to give the answers to millennial curiosity by providing them the correct information related to the Indonesia election 2019.”

Through this #MillennialsMemilih by IDN Times, we create not only one-way communication that covers what the government intends to convey. By having this #MillennialsMemilih, we can also let the readers ask our politicians, president and vice president, election administrators, or legislative candidates about their ideas and perspectives on certain issues. Users can submit as many questions as possible and the questions that get the highest vote will be answered by the editor.


Uni Lubis, the Editor-in-Chief of IDN Times: “Hopefully, this award will encourage us to get better on carrying our spirit of collaboration so we can win again in more prestigious events. Kudos to all of us, I’m so proud of being a part of you!”

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