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Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020: Some Inspirations We Got from the Speakers on the Second Day

Amelia Rosary

18 Jan 20 | 15:00

Heading 2

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Although the rain had showered the city of Jakarta in the morning, the enthusiasm of participants to join the series of events of Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 on the second day, 18 January 2020, remained high. Various rows of inspiring speakers added the enthusiasm of the participants. 

The first stage, "Visionary Leaders", presented several notable speakers, such as the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo; a businessman and politician, Sandiaga Uno; President Director of Unilever Indonesia, Hemant Bakshi", and many more. One of the most attractive subthemes for the participants was "Giving Voice to the Voiceless through Storytelling" which was conveyed by a Senior Journalist and the Founder of Narasi TV, Najwa Shihab; and the CEO Visinema Pictures, Angga Dwimas. They tried to uncover the connection between "giving voice to the voiceless" with what they did at work. In this discussion, Najwa, especially, mentioned, "The young generation must be at the forefront. Doing our job well can have a positive impact on Indonesia. Being the host of Mata Najwa, for example, which takes 1.5 hours every Wednesday night at the prime-time was such an honor. Yeah, professional responsibilities: even only 30 seconds on the screen, we are able to influence millions of Indonesians. My 1.5 hours means more than that, it's all about positively influencing people. That's how I use it to convey data-driven facts."

On the stage of "Future is Female" presented by, Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 invited an entrepreneur and educator Merry Riana; Chief Food Officer Gojek Group, Catherine Hindra; COO of Martha Tilaar, Wulan Tilaar; and many other inspiring women. One of the most interesting speakers on the stage was Karin Novilda, a millennial content creator who shared her ideas on the session "Beyond Pink: Time to Build Smart Content for Women". "I've been determined to present intelligent content and that's why I created" Kelana Karin". One time, I once went to Aceh, a privileged area that had autonomy, of course. With light delivery, yes, like the usual traveling content, I also uncovered the caning law legal system there and its effectiveness to the one who was sentenced guilty," she said. To her, good content was all about delivering ideas in the right way, too.

While for the stage of  "Talent Trifecta", the arrival of many speakers, such as Brand Manager Ismaya Live  Sarah Deshita; Horror Content Creator, Filo Sebastian; and others. At the session of "Youth Empowerment through Sports", the gold medal winner of the Jetski Asian Games 2018, Aqsa Aswar; the winner of the Jetski World Champion 2019, Aero Aswar; the Asian Games 2018 Taekwondo gold medal, Defia Rosmaniar; and ITCR Rising Star Class Champion 2019, Avila Bahar shared about their journey as young athletes."Know your abilities, what areas you are into the most. If you understand your self-ability, train yourself with discipline and commitment. Join a training since if you're capable, to be chosen as a delegate to join the regional competition, province, even the national one is in front of your eyes."

Meanwhile, on "Hijrah" stage, there were also many figures, such as West Nusa Tenggara Governor, Zulkieflimansya; the Founder of ZAM Cosmetics, Tania Ray Mina; and the Implementing Agent of BPKH, A Iskandar Zulkarnain. In "The Miracle of Hijrah: Ups and Downs Towards The Greatness", Arie Untung and Fenita Arie as celebrities and an influencer named Aby Respati explained why they decided to "hijrah". "There must be a 'report' that we shall carry when God calls us. In order to prepare that 'report', I finally thought it was the right time to "hijrah". From that moment on, if a disaster occurs, we are much more proactive: when are we going to help, in what kind of form? Back then, all we could think of was where to go clubbing," explained Arie. His wife added, "Be sincere and only do good things to others, whoever it is. Prove that the hardcore stereotypes about "hijrah" are incorrect. "Hijrah" basically means moving from one place to another, passing through a journey. On that journey, it is not wise to judge people only with the parameters I have." 

With many speakers invited, we hoped that Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 could be a place to deliver ideas in order to develop Indonesia’s future. More information could be accessed on IDN App by downloading it on Google Play or Play Store.

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