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IDN Times Wins an Award from WAN-IFRA: Audience Engagement is When Gamification and Education Merge

Amelia Rosary

16 Sep 20 | 13:00

Heading 2

IDN Media Jogja 1_edited.jpg

IDN Times has just received an award in the category of Best in Audience Engagement at Asia Digital Media Awards 2020 by WAN-IFRA (World of Association of News Publishers). The year before, IDN Times also won a similar award for one of its programs, namely #MillennialsMemilih.


Given the fact that engagement with an audience is substantial, IDN Times launched IDN Times Community in 2017 and picked the concept of user-generated content. Not only to engage with the audience, but IDN Times Community is also expected to provide them with access to information and more opportunities for literacy development. 

The foremost step taken by IDN Times is to provide a platform for its audience to compose writings that encompass various topics on its own portal. However, in order to maintain the credibility and quality of each published article, IDN Times has set strict guidelines and mechanisms. If it does not meet these journalistic standards, as it contains elements of hoax, plagiarism, commercialism, and discrimination, the article will be firmly rejected and not be published.

Along with its development, IDN Times Community not only bolsters the growth of IDN Times itself but also drives more opportunities for anyone to participate in producing quality content. Refusing to be Jakarta centric, IDN Times Community emboldens its main vision, namely to "democratize information" by receiving, then providing the most current news from all parts of the country.

Uni Lubis, Editor-in-Chief IDN Times: “We’re grateful. It’s such something good to hear during this pandemic. Hopefully, it will make us even more excited about whatever’s coming ahead. Let’s keep on spreading positive impacts on the society! This award should mark our special recognition for IDN Times Community writers, too, which number has reached more than 30,000. You guys take an important role in IDN Times, you do empower Indonesia through writing.”

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