Indonesia Millennial Report 2020: Understanding Millennials’ Behaviours and Demystifying Their Stereotypes

Indonesia Millennial Report 2020: Understanding Millennials’ Behaviours and Demystifying Their Stereotypes

Along with Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 held on 17-18 January 2020 in The Tribrata, Jakarta, IDN Media launched a report arranged based on the research conducted by IDN Research Institute. This report was finally entitled “Indonesia Millennial Report 2020: Understanding Millennials’ Behaviours and Demystifying Their Stereotypes”.

Indonesia is undergoing a demographic bonus and this phenomenon is expected to end in 2045. Therefore, IDN Media hopes to contribute significantly to actualizing Indonesia's vision: becoming a developed country by 2045. William Utomo, Founder and COO IDN Media who doubled as one of the main writers of this report, stated, “By understanding millennial behaviour and optimizing their interests and talents, we have taken a substantive step to shape them into quality Indonesians in 2045. "

IDN Research Institute declared that there were apparently 7 types of millennials in Indonesia, namely The Adventurers, The Visionaries, The Artist, The Leaders, The Socializers, The Conservatives, and The Collaborators. Going more deeply, Indonesia Millennial Report 2020 also revealed those millennials’ perspectives towards religion, education, career, media consumption, internet behaviour, shopping pattern, as well as politic points of view. 

In essence, here are the characteristics of the 7 types of millennials invented by IDN Research Institute in Indonesia Millennial Report 2020:

  1. The Adventurers

Inspiring, convincing, dynamic, as well as vocal to their political and religious perspectives. They prefer bitter truths rather than sweet lies. Fortunately, their sensitivity can help them communicate their actual intentions to the interlocutors. As consumers, they tend to buy products projecting social image.

  1. The Visionaries

Wanting to work with the heterogeneous communities around them, they usually act neutrally to avoid any sensitive conversations related to beliefs and religions. The Visionaries are the type of millennial who will prepare any possibilities by mapping out a B plan. For the consumption pattern, this type of millennial won’t be triggered by brands—they prioritize functions.

  1. The Artists

The Artists are those millennials who are full of ideas, unique perspectives, orientation to aesthetics, and spontaneity. The millennials with those characteristics like to create new notions, experiments by merging new perspectives they get. As consumers, they don’t hesitate to buy products having authentic stories beyond.


  1. The Leaders

Charismatic, goal-oriented with leadership skills. The Leaders always follow the latest news through television, digital media, newspapers, and social media. They tend to have strong opinions about politics and religion, but act very carefully in voicing their points of view in public. In terms of consumption, The Leaders will consider the credibility and functionality of the product before deciding to buy.

  1. The Socializers

The types of millennials who are fun, open, and appreciative. The Socializers tend to keep their opinions related to religion and politics because they do not want to break the ties they have built with heterogeneous groups around them. Regarding products, they prefer goods with attractive offers that create their social image.

  1. The Conservatives

Reliable, simple, and always excited whenever it comes to maintaining peace in the community. Being actively involved in their religious community does not prevent conservative millennials from expressing their opinions on religious and political issues. As consumers, they tend to pay more attention to the "honesty" of product quality than brand.

  1. The Collaborators

Very tolerant, full of ideas, and great when working in teams. Being used to following the latest news and trends on religion and politics does not make them become the type of millennials who voice their opinions on those two sensitive topics. For consumption patterns, The Collaborators tend to buy products based on their popularity.

Indonesia Millennial Report 2020 can also be downloaded freely by anyone through More information about Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 can also be accessed on IDN App that is available to download at Google Play or Play Store.