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Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020: The Third Line-Up of the Speakers

10 Jan 20 | 16:10

Amelia Rosary

Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020: The Third Line-Up of the Speakers

One more week, on 17-18 January 2020, Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 will take place in The Tribrata. This event is going to be the place where millennials and figures from public as well as private sectors gather and communicate for the better Indonesia. Inviting many notable speakers, here is the final line-up:

In “Visionary Leaders” stage, we’ll have Najwa Shihab (Senior Journalist and the Founder of Narasi TV), Nadiem Makarim (Ministry of Education and Culture), Ganjar Pranowo (Governor of Central Java), Johnny G. Plate (Minister of Communication and Information), Jens Reich (President Director of Prudential Life Assurance), Tony Wenas (President Director of PT Freeport Indonesia), and many other leaders who will explore the social, economic and political issues in our country, Indonesia.

For the second topic, “Future is Female”, some figures whose names are often heard on TV, such as, Cinta Laura Kiehl, Ariel Tatum, Karin Novilda, Mira Lesmana, Luna Maya, Rossa, and some other names, namely Catherine Hindra (Chief Food Officer of Gojek Group), Renitasari Adrian (Program Director of Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation) Putri Tanjung (CEO, Founder, and Creative Director of Creativepreneur Event Creator), dan many more! These inspiring women will also inspire the audience of Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 by conveying their bold notions and ideas.

As interesting as the previous topic, “Talent Trifecta” will invite iconic artist, such as Baim Wong, Maia Estianti, Rossa, Nadine Chandrawinata. Other than that, many figures of professional industries will come over, too, like Sarah Deshita (Brand Manager of Ismaya Live), Manoj Punjabi (Founder and CEO of MD Pictures), Sara Wijayanto (Psychologist of Light Trance Medium), and other speakers will come to Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 together with new Indonesian talentsーbuilding strategies to advance the nation's creative industries.

“Hijrah” is the last topic of Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020. This stage will have the presence of Ida Fauziyah (Minister of Manpower and Transmigration), Ayana Moon (Moslem Model), Indadari (Founder of Niqab Squad), and some other ones. This topic is conducted to redefine the true meaning of hijrah, refusing extremism. 

With Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020, we want to open up the potencies of Indonesian young generation whose willingness to make Indonesia a better place to live is still strong. We aren’t yet late to be a part of this massive event initiated by IDN Media. Click to get the ticket and see our updates on our Instagram account @indonesia.millennial.summit.

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