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Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020: Let the Hype Spark Still for the Sake of #DemocratizeInformation

3 Feb 20 | 11:40

Amelia Rosary

Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020: Let the Hype Spark Still for the Sake of #DemocratizeInformation

Talking again about Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 (IMS 2020), we intentionally still wanted to let the festivity of this annual big event held last 17-18 January 2020 spark. With 4 great stages we initiated, namely "Visionary Leaders", "Talent Trifecta", "Future is Female", and "Hijrah", IMS 2020 conducted the event for 2 days. It apparently attracted more than 6.500 millennial leaders in Indonesia who really wanted to move the nation forward. 

Inviting 131 notable speakers and moderators, it surely wasn't something easy to do. Then, what challenges did they find? Well, first of all, teamwork created a great millennial event, it really was. However, there were many stressful moments behind the scene, such as the challenges we found in communicating with other Timmys and, especially, the cancellation of some important speakers in the very last minutes. Understanding that our speakers’ schedules were very hectic, Uni Lubis, the Editor-in-Chief of IDN Times, mentioned, “Face it with a smile because no matter how the situation is getting stressful, we just want to do it all with fun.”

Becoming the Trending Topic on Twitter for 4 times, we also live-streamed the event on YouTube, so millennials in any location can also access the insightful content we gave. We should say that we were beyond grateful as everyone was involved in order to have a strong commitment to shaping Indonesia’s future by promoting the values of #DiversityisBeautiful and  #PositivelyImpactSociety.

We’ve always wanted to #DemocratizeInformation and #IMS2020 (as well as the upcoming ones) is one of the signature events IDN Media has conducted to start the year of 2020.

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