top of page's Second Anniversary: A New Stage, an Improved Milestone

18 Feb 20 | 09:26

Amelia Rosary's Second Anniversary: A New Stage, an Improved Milestone

Time flew so fastly, didn’t it? Getting through all the thicks and thins of this parenting platform by IDN Media, today was finally the second anniversary of Being close to the hearts of all millennial parents from all around Indonesia, it marked the second anniversary with another wonderful milestone. What would that be?

Sandra Ratnasari, the Editor-in-Chief of, mentioned, “We’re proud of the fact that we’re now building community way more eagerly. Up to this very day, we’ve achieved more than 6000 community members from all across the country—Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Solo, Denpasar, Palembang, etc.” This community massive growth, as Sandra and the team predicted, would also go along with the curiosity millennial parents had in terms of parenting: they would surf the internet to look for any information related to the issue. Therefore, wanted to provide excellent and complete content for them. community was one of the most crucial elements for the parenting platform itself because it became the place in which the two ways of communication would take place. Keeping the relationship up like this surely helped innovate some new angles about parenting. These fresh angles hopefully could accompany millennial mamas to undergo after-marriage-life, pregnancy period, and until their kids were 12 years old.

Sandra Ratnasari, Editor-in-Chief of - “We hope, those who have put their trust in can always be our loyal readers who will also pass this trust as a legacy to their relatives, sisters, friends, etc. This way, can have a long, useful life for millennial mamas in Indonesia.”


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