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IDN Times Bali is Officially Launched

11 Dec 18 | 07:00

Amelia Rosary

IDN Times Bali is Officially Launched



Denpasar, IDN Times - After launching IDN Times Jawa Timur, today (11/12) IDN Media officially launched IDN Times Bali. IDN Times’ readers can now get #HYPERLOCAL content about Bali at This launch was supported by the Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster.

When it was founded on 8 June 2014, IDN Media has a vision to be the voice of the Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia. The innovation and creativity applied by IDN Media have successfully enriched the media landscape in Indonesia. Four years since it was founded, IDN Times (a news and entertainment portal for Millennials and Gen Z) has already more than 36 million unique audience every month.

Winston Utomo, Founder & CEO IDN Media, is very excited and enthusiastic about the launch of IDN Times Bali. Winston said, "In IDN Times Bali, not only that you will find interesting content about tourism and culinary, but you will also find many worth-sharing content about social, politics, and culture. We hope that IDN Times Bali can become the trusted news source for all Millennials and Gen Z in Bali.

Winston said that IDN Times Bali is the second province out of the 34 provinces planned in 2019. "#HYPERLOCAL is our big theme in 2019. Indonesia is a very broad and diverse country. We will continue to work hard and innovate in order for IDN Times to provide content that is relevant, timely, accurate, inspirational, and positive. After Bali, we will launch IDN Times Sulsel, IDN Times Jabar, dan IDN Times Sumut”.

[removed]Uni Lubis, Editor-in-Chief of IDN Times said "The launch of IDN Times Bali is inseparable from the cultural wealth and creativity of the millennials in Bali. We are very enthusiastic about the IDN Times Bali because we believe IDN Times Bali can be the main reference for the Millennials and Gen Z in Bali. "

The Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster, is looking forward for the launch of IDN Times Bali ( Koster is particularly interested in the #MillennialsMemilih program by IDN Times.

#MillennialsMemilih is a program by IDN Times, with the purpose to make millennials in Indonesia become more proactive and use their votes in the upcoming elections in 2019.

"This is important because a region or country must have a leader. To get a leader, they must be chosen. The people who choose these leaders were the people themselves. They have to know their leaders. This mindset should be instilled among young people in Indonesia." Koster said.


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