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Meet Timmy of the Month: Positivity and Genuinity Let Your Shadow Fall Behind

21 Nov 19 | 20:00

Amelia Rosary

Meet Timmy of the Month: Positivity and Genuinity Let Your Shadow Fall Behind

Correlated still to the previous post about Timmy of the Month, Arifina Budi Aswati (Arifina or Upik) has now finally become the other Timmy of the Month of ours. Giving her positivity in whatever she is doing is always a good thing that matters for the sustainable values of IDN Media. Let's have a glimpse of this Timmy who has consistently shown our first Timmyness: "Bringing creativity, sincerity, and passion to work".

Kudos, Upik, you're selected as the Timmy of the Month! What is your role at IDN Media? 

Thank you! I'm a Community Editor at IDN Times.

Anyway, do you like being a Community Editor at IDN Times? 

I am very grateful for occupying this role. This is precisely what I've been dreaming of since I was a kid. I feel like, "Oh, this is apparently how it feels to be an editor—something I've really wanted." I admit that there must be obstacles and challenges working here, but I can have fun anyway. Being in IDN Times Community team is something wonderful, really, as I can learn a lot of things. It is not only editing articles but I also practice my patience to nurture the writers in the community and to let them know how to write in a good and correct way. Moreover, I also learn things related to digital media—something which is futuristic. I get a lot of it here. 

With what you do, how do you claim yourself to be helpful for the people around you and the company?

It's hard to say because I never measure how helpful I am to other people. The point is: I can't stand seeing other people who are effortfully doing some complicated things alone. I know it must make them upset. Therefore, I personally think that as simple as listening to their stories, for example, it has relieved the pain they may have.


What is your pole star or guideline to undergo your own life?

I’m now learning how to think of something I only need to think of. Every problem we may have can actually be simple since it depends on the way we see it. Along with difficulties, we’ll always find easinesses anyway. Just simplify our mindset and everything will get easier.


How do you usually tackle down problems—life problems and problems at work?

I’ll have a dialogue with my own self. I’ll remember what I have been through and connect every chronicle—I probably don’t recognize that this problem I’m facing is related to an event in the past.  Once I know the cause, I usually will be way calmer and so I can decide what I’m going to do to get over the problem. It’s more or less the thing I’m going to do when I have a problem at work as well. That way, I can be wiser in terms of making and deciding a solution.

How do you react over any negative news—literally any negative news currently happening in our country?

I’m not that type of person who is reactive over any news, both the positive and negative ones. Let what has happened be as now it’s the one thing we need to face. Don’t forget to inhale, exhale, and think, "This is just going to be temporary.”

Why are you grateful and proud to become a part of IDN Media?

Because I’m not limited to learn, especially in terms of digital media and the future of media itself. I’m not afraid of delivering my perspectives and ideas. In addition, when I partook in a writing workshop as one of the committees, a lot of participants felt glad as well as proud of writing and having a credible community that covers them. I’m grateful for that.       


What do you dream about?

I hope all Indonesians understand well the different uses of "di" which are connected and separated—that’s a literal meaning. Please people, I beg you. Writing shapes the Indonesian future.

What's your advice for other editors out there so they can give their best performance at work? 

Be patient and do know the fact that all humans are imperfect, including their writings. 

What do you do to keep being happy while working in a fast-paced company?

I don’t hate others, it’s just going to empty out my energy, and I don’t hate myself either. Remember what BTS' Jimin sings in 'Lights': it's okay sometimes to show weakness, it's okay to be you.

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadow falls behind you” really portrays Upik. This saying shows that by focusing on the bright side of life, we won’t be distracted by any “shadow”—a metaphor for things that may bother us.

Timmy of the Month is a reward for Timmys who embrace Timmyness fully, take extra miles in doing their job, spread positivity (yes, it's all about positive vibe), and have a very high standard of integrity.

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