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The Value We Introduce from IDN Times Jateng

24 Nov 19 | 10:49

Amelia Rosary

The Value We Introduce from IDN Times Jateng

Do you remember what did happen on September 16, 2019?

Yeah, we've come to a discussion that most news reported by Indonesian media will be all about what's happening in Jakarta. Well, Jakarta itself is even less than 1% of the total area of Indonesiawe really read that on a credible source! Since IDN Times understands the need of spreading accurate news to all people in the country, on that date, it officially created the 11th hyperlocal taking place in one of Indonesia’s hearts of lives, Central Java.

As the most trusted news portal for Millennials and Gen Z in Central Java, the reason why IDN Times has decided to have another hyperlocal bureau in the region is that, as we've mentioned in the previous paragraph, the mainstream media has brought too much national news which doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of the people there. In fact, there’s a lot of information from Central Java which also needs to be blasted. Our Local Editor in Central Java, Bandot Arywono, mentioned the significance of having a hyperlocal in Central Java, “With hyperlocal, IDN Times Jateng provides information not only about local news but also about tourism, culinary, and culture. The types of news are way richer!”

Having many different angles, IDN Times Jateng enables us to be more aware of our country’s richness and uniqueness. News is surely always published, but Bandot stated, “In the content, we want to attach our tourism potential at the same time. We know that we are media, we can influence our society. Why don’t we underline Indonesia’s cultural treasures which we should be proud of at the same time?”

With the coming of IDN Times Jateng, we expect more millennials in Central Java to access IDN Times Jateng to get educational and balanced information. Not only them from Central Java, but we also want all people from all parts of Indonesia to know the potentials of Central Java that are seen from several tourism aspects through this Hyperlocal of IDN Times. 


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