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Yummy Masak Awards 2020, An Event to Appreciate the Indonesian Culinary

Amelia Rosary

31 Dec 20 | 12:14

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At the end of 2020, Yummy is conducting Yummy Masak Awards 2020, an award to focus on culinary heroes, such as brands, chefs, and communities. The award is a series of Indonesia Memasak by Yummy which has been running since last December 1, 2020. At Yummy Masak Awards 2020, Yummy as well holds a prize draw to foster its appreciation towards the participation of Yummy’s users in the #JagoMasak campaign, an exclusive annual cooking event on Yummy App

For brands, Yummy presents several categories that include Most Favorite Condensed Milk, Most Favorite Soy Sauce, Most Favorite Blender, Most Favorite Refrigerator, and various other categories. As for chefs, Yummy provides two categories, namely Most Favorite Chef (Chef Renatta Moeloek) and Chef with Lifetime Achievement (Chef William Wongso, the one who has successfully boasted Indonesian dishes to the international scene).

Yummy gives its highest appreciation for Yummy App’s users who have consistently shared their creative recipes by presenting Yummy Masak Awards 2020. There are several categories, such as Most Creative Recipe, Most Favorite Recipe, Best Food Photo, and Most Active Community.  So far, the recipes submitted have reached more than 19,000 recipes.

Iqbal Zehan, Product Manager of Yummy App - "The exclusive annual cooking event on Yummy App has been held for three periods in 2020. In each period, the users have to complete several missions on the #JagoMasak campaign. Those who have successfully completed the missions from the first period up to the third period will have the opportunity to win a grand prize: Honda All New Scoopy. Congratulations to Nulli for winning the grand prize from Yummy!"

These are the winners from each category at Yummy Masak Awards 2020:

  • Most Favorite Condensed Milk : Indomilk

  • Most Favorite Susu Cair : Diamond

  • Most Favorite Susu Bubuk : Dancow

  • Most Favorite Cooking Oil : Filma

  • Most Favorite Soy Sauce : Kecap Bango

  • Most Favorite Chili Sauce : Sambal ABC

  • Most Favorite Penyedap Rasa : Royco

  • Most Favorite Blender : Philips

  • Most Favorite Mixer : Oxone

  • Most Favorite Rice Cooker : Cosmos

  • Most Favorite Refrigerator : Samsung

  • Most Favorite Stove : Rinnai

  • Most Creative Recipe : Puding Klepon Pie #JagoMasakMinggu2Periode3

  • Most Favorite Recipe : Dimsum Ayam Udang #JagoMasakMinggu6

  • Best Food Photo : Mix Berries Popsicle

  • Lifetime Achievement : William Wongso

  • Most Favorite Chef : Renatta Moeloek

  • Most Active Community : Rara Debtasari

  • Publish Resep Terbanyak : Rika-Rizki

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