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The 5th Year of Yummy, to Keep Producing Quality Cooking Content Has Been a Commitment

Amelia Rosary

8 Jul 21 | 07:00

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Today, July 8, 2021, Yummy is celebrating its 5th anniversary. As a one-stop cooking platform for Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia, it was once present only on Facebook and Instagram back in 2016. Intending to inspire its users to cook well, eat well, and live well, Yummy now has become a multi-platform digital media focusing on quality cooking tutorials, food, recipes, and culinary exploration in Indonesia.


Providing easy cooking tutorials created by Yummy’s Creative Chefs, Yummy managed to elicit the audience's attention. The enthusiasm aroused was what drove Yummy to launch Yummy App in 2019. Equipped with video navigation and Rekomendasi Resep (Recipe Recommendation) features, Yummy App also has some filter categories that can be flexibly set according to each user's preferences, including ingredients, portions, prices, and cooking duration. There is also Upload Recipe, a feature encouraging Yummy App’s users to hone their creativity by creating and uploading their own recipes.


Currently, Yummy has a total of more than 80 million monthly video views across its platforms, while Yummy App has been downloaded for more than 1 million times. In 2020, Yummy App was awarded by WAN-IFRA (World Association of News Publishers) Asia Digital Media Awards 2020 in the category of Best in Lifestyle, Sports, Entertainment Website, or Mobile Services. 


Not only with the launch of Yummy App, Yummy also reinforces its presence with the coming of Yummy Community, a social unit crafted for culinary enthusiasts to connect with each other. The community surely gives some privileges to the Community Chefs, those who have officially joined the community. The privileges include an interactive chat with Yummy’s Creative Chefs through #AskYummy, an opportunity to get a monthly giveaway and win the Member of the Month award for the most active member.


Last December 2020, Yummy held Indonesia Memasak, Yummy’s first biggest event attended by well-known figures in culinary. At the moment, Yummy is also having Yummy Icip, a program dedicated to promoting Indonesian Small and Medium Enterprises in food businesses through Yummy’s live program for free! This emphasizes Yummy's consistency in utilizing its platforms while giving #PositiveImpact for the society.


David Theo Kosakoy, Lead Video Producer Yummy - “Cooking, for IDN Media, is not merely a hobby, especially during the hardship we're all going through due to the outbreak, where everyone feels safer at home. Cooking now has become one of the trends slowly ingrained in the lifestyle of Millennials & Gen Z. Recognizing this potential, we decided to focus on the culinary realm back then until Yummy was finally born. This was followed by the launch of Yummy App, an app showcasing Yummy's commitment to providing convenience and #PositiveImpact for our users. This 5th anniversary also marks Yummy's consistency and creativity.”


Iqbal Zehan, Product Manager Yummy App - “Happy 5th anniversary to Yummy. Hopefully, Yummy can always provide a variety of recipes―from Indonesian to foreign food and beverage recipes. We want our users to easily find any recipe on Yummy App, a cooking app enabling its users to learn and share their own versions of creative recipes. Congratulations, Yummy and IDN Media!”

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