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FORTUNE® Indonesia 100 is Officially Launched

Amelia Rosary

14 Sep 21 | 08:00

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FORTUNE Indonesia 100 is officially released on September 14, 2021. Established in New York back in 1929, FORTUNE is the world's leading business media brand comprising magazine, digital platform, and conference series. Since its founding, FORTUNE has maintained its commitment to editorial excellence and reporting on business in a clear, fair, and unbiased manner.

In its second edition, FORTUNE Indonesia presents FORTUNE Indonesia 100, an annual ranking of the top 100 corporations in Indonesia. The ranking is compiled by FORTUNE Indonesia after reviewing more than 600 companies’ financial statements, with both opening and closing entries, in the 2020 fiscal year. The assessments are done objectively, according to the validated predictors reported to the regulator, as well as to the audit evidence that includes the companies' documented reports for their stakeholders.

FORTUNE Indonesia also explores inspiring narratives from the corporations included in FORTUNE Indonesia 100. Being ranked first on the list, Pertamina has been racking up record profits so far this year, despite the declining demand for oil, when most oil and gas companies are incurring losses. Another interesting story comes from Sinar Mas Agro Resources and Technology or SMART. The President Director of PT SMART Tbk, Jo Daud Dharsono, shares what this FORTUNE Indonesia 100's largest Crude Palm Oil (CPO) has done to drive the largest revenue and profit in the company's history. There are many other in-depth business narratives that are discussed in the second edition of FORTUNE Indonesia.

Winston Utomo, CEO of IDN Media: [removed]“FORTUNE Indonesia 100 boosts our optimism of the economic recovery in Indonesia. In this uncertainty, many businesses are able to navigate their business challenges. Some are even able to turn massive complexities into meaningful changes by initiating new lines of business. This year, however, there are no tech companies included in FORTUNE Indonesia 100, but we're optimistic that in three to five years, there will be many tech companies in this prestigious list. We want FORTUNE Indonesia 100 to be the symbol of inspiration and enthusiasm, encouraging all companies to keep on innovating and creating breakthroughs for a better Indonesia.”

Hendra Soeprajitno, Editor-in-Chief FORTUNE Indonesia: “Many companies in Indonesia manage to mitigate their business risks quickly and carefully in order to maintain the business sustainability. It enlivens our optimism even more. We do hope that the worst phase of this whole hardship is over already. Along with the improvement of our economy and our capability to adapt, the race to get into the next FORTUNE Indonesia 100 should be way more exciting. If your company isn't yet on this prestigious list, you'll still have next year to get the chance.”

FORTUNE Indonesia can be accessed on Click  to subscribe.

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