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IDN Times Jatim is Officialy Launch

Amelia Rosary

21 Nov 18 | 08:00

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Surabaya, November 21, 2018 IDN Media officially launched the IDN Times Jatim. The launching was inaugurated by the signing of an inscription by the Governor of East Java, Soekarwo. Now the citizen of Indonesia, especially in East Java, are been able to enjoy #HYPERLOCAL of East Java content at


When it was founded on June 8, 2014, IDN Media had a vision to be the voice of the Millennial and Z generations in Indonesia. The innovation and creativity applied by IDN Media has succeeded in enriching the media landscape in Indonesia. Four years since it was founded, IDN Times (a news portal for Millennial and Z generations) has more than 36 million unique readers every month. This is cannot be separated from the support of loyal readers throughout Indonesia.

The Governor of East Java, Soekarwo, hopes that East Java IDN Times can be a successful online media and can compete in the current digital era. In addition, Pakde Karwo, his nickname, also expressed his great hopes for the launch of the East Java IDN Times in the midst of fake news. He believes the existence of IDN Times Jatim can be a solution. "With a fresh, fast, precise and reliable information. It is expected that IDN Times Jatim can straighten the fake news." said Pakde Karwo.

Winston Utomo, Founder & CEO of IDN Media, looked very excited and enthusiastic about the launch of the East Java IDN Times. "East Java has a lot of interesting content. Starting from social, culture, politics, to tourism. Moreover, the IDN Times was born and raised from Surabaya, East Java”.


Winston said that IDN Times Jatim is the first province of 34 provinces that is planned to be launch in 2019. "#HYPERLOCAL is our big theme in 2019. Indonesia is a very broad and diverse country. We will continue to work hard and innovate, so IDN Times can provide a relevant, fast, accurate, inspirational, and positive content for all Indonesian citizen, wherever they are. After East Java, we will launch IDN Times Bali and IDN Times Sulawesi Selatan. "

Uni Lubis, Editor-in-Chief of IDN Times said, "The launch of IDN Times Jatim cannot be separated from the population of this province which has a second rank in Indonesia. This is the reason why the IDN Times took the first step in regional development in East Java. The cultural wealth, the creativity of the millennials, and the courage of the people of East Java are the inspiration that we need to spread throughout Indonesia. "





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