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Inang and Srimulat: Hil yang Mustahal Get Nomination for Piala Citra at 2022 Indonesian Film Festival, IDN Pictures Aims to Always Present Great Films

Felicia Yulianti

25 Oct 22 | 10:04

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IDN Media through IDN Pictures has made another achievement in the Indonesian film industry. Two films by IDN Pictures, Inang and Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal, were nominated for the Piala Citra at the 2022 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI). Of the 22 nominations for the 2022 FFI Piala Citra award categories, Inang and Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal had the opportunity to get a total of 6 nominations along with other Indonesian movies aired this year.

At the 2022 FFI Piala Citra, Inang secured two nominations, Rukman Rosadi in the Best Supporting Actor category and Wawan I. Wibowo in the Best Image Editor category. Besides the appreciation from FFI, Inang managed to attract movie lovers, especially horror movie connoisseurs. Since its first screening on October 13th, 2022, more than 710,000 viewers have watched Inang on the 13th day. This number will continue to grow because Inang is still playing in cinemas throughout Indonesia.

Inang tells the story of Wulan, a supermarket employee whose boyfriend abandons her during her pregnancy. Desperate Wulan meets Eva and Agus Santoso, who want to adopt her child and offer her to live at their house. While living in the house, Wulan slowly begins to uncover the hidden intentions of the Santoso Family. Some of the best actors in the film Industry play roles in Inang, including Naysilla Mirdad as Wulan, Lydia Kandou as Eva Santoso, and Dimas Anggara as Bergas. Further, the veteran Indonesian actor, Rukman Rosadi acts as Agus Santoso.

Meanwhile, two actors in Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal got nominations, namely Bio One in the Best Male Actor category and Elang El Gibran in the Best Supporting Actor category. The 2022 FFI Piala Citra also appreciated Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal crews through the nominations for Jerry Oktavoanus in the Best Makeup Artist category and Angela Suri Nasution in the Best Fashion Stylist category.

Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal is a comedy film by MNC Pictures and IDN Pictures. This film tells the story of the career journey of the legendary Indonesian comedy group from Solo, Srimulat, to become the first comedy group to appear on national television and gain popularity throughout Indonesia. However, Tarzan, Gepeng, Timbul, Basuki, Nunung, Asmuni, Tessy, Paul, and Ibu Djudjuk face a lot of hardship during their journey.

FFI is an annual award event to appreciate works and people in the Indonesian film industry. First held in 1955, FFI is the highest award event for the film industry in Indonesia. This year, the 2022 FFI Piala Citra will be held on November 22, 2022. There will be 25 Documentaries, 7 Feature Documentaries, 30 Short Films, 20 Feature Films, and 15 Film Critics competing in the 2022 FFI Piala Citra event.

Winston Utomo, CEO of IDN Media - “After the pandemic, the Indonesian film industry has risen. Many Indonesian films get much recognition from the public, along with the increasing number of Indonesian film audiences. IDN Media sees the film as a media that does not only provide entertainment but can also help our vision to democratize information and have a positive impact on Indonesian society. Thus, IDN Media through IDN Pictures wants to contribute to developing the country’s film industry and consistently provides great film presentations through our films. IDN Media is grateful for the appreciation from the 2022 Indonesian Film Festival to our two films, namely Inang and Srimulat: Hil yang Mustahal. Hopefully, our works can support the rise of the Indonesian film industry after the pandemic and provide great films that can inspire Indonesian people.”

Fajar Nugros, Head of IDN Pictures & Director of Inang and Srimulat: Hil yang Mustahal - “As a director, the appreciation from film enthusiasts becomes a great achievement for us. Therefore, I am very grateful for the appreciation of the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) for Inang and Srimulat: Hil yang Mustahal as these two films were nominated in 6 categories of the 2022 FFI Piala Citra. The participation of Inang and Srimulat: Hil yang Mustahal for the 2022 FFI Piala Citra motivates IDN Pictures to continue producing great films thus the Indonesian people, particularly the film enthusiasts, can enjoy watching them.”

Susanti Dewi, Head of IDN Pictures & Producer of Inang and Srimulat: Hil yang Mustahal - “It is an honor for IDN Pictures to be able to get appreciation from the 2022 Indonesian Film Festival. Inang and Srimulat: Hil yang Mustahal are the first two films produced by IDN Pictures. As IDN Pictures has only reached its second anniversary, this appreciation makes us very grateful and motivated to continue working positively. A film is not intended for entertainment purposes only but also it can deliver a deep meaning and impression to anyone who watches it. After the success of Srimulat: Hil yang Mustahal, we are very enthusiastic about releasing the second Srimulat film soon. Hopefully, this work once again will get a good response from Indonesian people.” 

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