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IDN Media launched IDN Creator Network, a Creator Marketing Agency

Amelia Rosary

17 May 17 | 15:00

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To strengthen its position as the number one multi-platform digital media company for Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia, IDN Media launched IDN Creator Network, a Creator Marketing Agency, aiming to attach the creator to the brand in order to run more effective marketing campaigns.

When founded in 2014, IDN has a vision to be the voice of Millennials and Gen Z to express their aspirations and ideas. The breakthrough concept and creativity implemented by IDN Media have successfully make a dent in the media landscape in Indonesia. Two years since its founding, IDN Media has attracted more than 42 million unique audiences monthly and 715 million monthly content views. This performance is supported across five business units, IDN Times and; an online media portal; IDN Creative; an in-house creative agency, IDN TV; an in-house video production; and IDN Event that has successfully organized the IDN CreativeFest as well as the BeautyFest Asia 2017.

This achievement has managed to push various parties having collaboration with IDN Media in developing their required marketing strategies. One of the strategies is to utilize creators and a storytelling technique that is believed would be able to send a brand message in a more effective way. The escalating demand has triggered IDN Media to officially launched IDN Creator Network to maximize the strategy in communicating brand message in an appropriate approach.

“The aim of storytelling is not just to deliver a story about a brand, explain a product or offer a solution. Moreover, it is an emotional approach associated with a brand spirit that becomes a defining factor whether the customers will buy or use the service of the brand. This is what we build within the IDN Creator Network,” explained Alvina Bernice Suharianto, Product Manager of IDN Creator Network.

Released in early 2017, IDN Creator Network has associated with more than 130 Indonesian top influencers, divided into 8 categories, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, ParenthoodFood, Music, Travel and Comedy. A few of them are Patricia Gouw, Alika Islamadina, Rachel Goddard, Andy Garcia, Tyna Kanna Mirdad and so forth.

IDN Creator Network provides a win-win benefit to influencers, which is heavy exposure through IDN Times and Indirectly, this strategy has created a personal relationship between IDN Creator Network and the influencers, thus can offer direct benefit for a brand to get its competitive pricing. Not only this advantage, but IDN Creator Network also provides strategy recommendations, building creative ideas, and helping to select the suitable influencers in communicating the brand message to the consumer target. 

“The selection of the influencers is not just based on the number of followers, but how they put ‘the soul’ into a brand through self-experience. The process will initiate an emotional branding that is a strong component for the success of a campaign. To emerge this experience, the story presented should be authentic, creative and inspirational. It is our role to ensure the process of emotional branding will run in accordance with the brand desire and also to measure the impact of the campaign,” said Alvina.

Though still relatively new, IDN Creator Network has been trusted to run campaigns from Indonesian reputable brand such as Kérastase, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Shu Uemura, The Body Shop, Pond’s, TRESemmé, Garnier, Samsung, Toyota, Smartfren, and so forth.

“The increase of internet and social media users has encouraged the marketing influencers to grow rapidly. With the release of IDN Creator Network, we, hopefully, could enhance the success rate of a campaign and give a positive impact to the digital marketing industry in Indonesia,” said William Utomo, Chief Operating Officer of IDN Media.

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