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Bringing Home an Award from WAN-IFRA: Yummy & Indomilk Collaboration as the Best Branded Campaign

Amelia Rosary

16 Sep 20 | 16:15

Heading 2

IDN Media Jogja 1_edited.jpg

Indomilk, one of the sweetened condensed milk brands in Indonesia, collaborated with Yummy, a cooking platform owned by IDN Media. The collaboration now turns into delightful news as it has just been awarded by Asia Digital Media Awards 2020 for the category of Best Native Advertising/Branded Content Campaign. The award is annually held by WAN - IFRA (World Association of News Publisher).

Many people perceived that sweetened condensed milk could only be cooked for sweet dishes and beverages一it became the most perplexing challenge Indomilk once had. Yummy, with its campaign #ResepGakAbisAbis, tried to break that commonsense.

Educating the audience by creating recipe videos was the first step that the creative team of Yummy took. By putting sweetened condensed Indomilk into the list of beef rendang ingredients, Yummy successfully left no “classic” hint of sweetened condensed Indomilk一it blended well with other ingredients. It panned out to build up a unique perspective about sweetened condensed Indomilk.

Arousing users’ interest became the next strategy implemented by the creative team of Yummy. They created a competition that obligated the participants to creatively make up a recipe with sweetened condensed Indomilk as one of the compositions. The collaboration that applied a 360-marketing system to attract more participation intended to prove that the creative team of Yummy strived to give more than what had been expected.


Cindyva Adani, Digital Strategy Associate (IDN Creative): “This award, which is a new milestone for IDN Creative, is a result of great collaboration between the creatives, publishers, and our client. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll constantly improve, create many more notable works, secure more awards, and, most importantly take a more active role in building our clients’ businesses. Kudos, team!”

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